The XM8 is a great, high-damage output Assault Rifle. It has above-average damage and rate of fire, and a decent amount of accuracy and range, great for all Soldier levels. It is arguably the most well-balanced assault rifle in Strike Force Heroes 2 when it comes to damage per round

XM8 Assault Rifle

XM8 Assault Rifle


Recommended to use against: Any enemy, provided that you engage them at optimal distance, i.e. Don't fight snipers at long range, or Generals/Juggernauts up close.

Recommended to use with: High damage pistols, with a medium to long range, such as the AutoMag or M1911. A melee secondary also works, to cover this weapon's relative weakness at close range.

Tips Edit

  • This gun does more damage per round than other assault rifles, at the cost of being less accurate than usual. Close range is the way to go with this weapon

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