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Welcome to the Wiki News page! This is the place to find out what has been going on recently around the Wiki and what is planned for the future. This page is hopefully updated weekly, but if it isn't, it's because we're working hard on the same things!

If you have any questions or comments, either here or the Wiki Visitors' Book is a good place to ask. If asking here, please post in the Comments area.

New this WeekEdit

Last week, July 6 - July 13 2013: The Maps pages are now complete, check out some of the new info on special maps! If anyone would like to write some tips for each map, that would be awesome!

Next WeekEdit

July 13 - July 20 2013: The Game Modes page and sub pages are next up for improvement! We'll be working on the Secondary Weapons page also, and adding to the Primary Attachments page, lots to do on the latter!

Coming SoonEdit

There is still tons to do on the individual weapons info pages. These will take a long time to do because we are going for high quality information instead of just one or two lines. This means that the info may be slow in creation, but it will be more useful.

The Medal pages will be finished soon, hopefully with detailed information on how to unlock each one.

We hope that more videos will be posted to the Wiki in the future! We have several walkthroughs etc on the way.

Wiki Milestones (MM/DD/YYYY)Edit

  • 2/11/13 - Wiki is founded.
  • 3/14/13 - Reached 100 pages.
  • 5/3/13 - Listed under SFH2 on Games section of
  • 5/3/13 - Reached 250 files (Photos + videos).
  • 5/9/13 - Reached 250 photos.
  • 5/31/13 - 2000th edit to the Wiki was made (By Oxtail Chamberpot 13).
  • 6/4/13 - Reached 200 pages.
  • 6/30/13 - Reached 3000 edits.
  • 7/9/13 - Reached 500 Photos.

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