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As it says in the Weapons page, there are over eighty weapons it the game, ranging from Snipers to Elementals, all with different damage, RoF, ammo, accuracy, and range. Because the weapon selection is so huge, it is often hard to decide which one to use. This page is meant to help you decide what to use, but remember, the best way to find your favorite, is to try new weapons. Money is easy to come by, so if you see something interesting, buy it. The best thing to do is to keep at least a thousand dollars for each soldier class, and if you ever see a weapon you like, especially if its flawless or perfect, buy it. If you can't afford it, go play a quick match and quit before it ends. This way the shop inventory wont reset, but you will have more money.

Now that you know some basic info on how to find weapons, let get in to some more specific stuff. This guide will be divided into soldier classes, in the order they appear in the game. We will not go over every available weapon, but just some of the most popular.

The Engineer Edit

Primaries Edit

The Engineer can use assault rifles and SMGs. They have similar stats, with SMGs usually having a faster RoF but less power and range. The only real advantage to an SMG is the wider range of attachments available. Because of this, we will focus on Assault Rifles in this guide. (Note to fellow SFH2'ers: if you like SMGs, please share your knowledge and add a section on them)

The Engineer starts with a M4A4, an unremarkable weapon, with average stats. It works fine, but unless you have a perfect one that you really like, there are better options.

The AR with the best range is the ARX 160. Hands down. It has excellent damage and accuracy as well. Unfortunately, it is semi-auto, not full, which would require you to click about 5-6 times in a second in order to get the maximum RoF. This limits its performance at close range, so if you find this a problem, but still like the range; good options include the Famas, QBZ 95, or the Scar. The Famas is three round burst, which works very well, While the QBZ 95 and the Scar are full auto, but slow. The Scar has low ammo capacity, with the faster firerate of the two. These weapons are all similar, so it's probably best to just try them all, and find your favorite.

All of the other ARs, the F2000, AK 12, XM8, and M4A4, have shorter range, but are very powerful as long as you stay within that range. The obvious downside two this is that to get within the effective range of your weapons, you must also expose yourself to enemy fire. But if CQC is your thing, these weapons are worth a try.

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