Weapon heckling is an tactic revolving around being able to switch to different weapons that you currently have in order to change to a new situation. There are 5 main ways to weapon heckle, going by the most common to least

1) Switching to a melee weapon in order to deal with a close opponent

2) Switching to a secondary weapon when your primary weapon runs dry

3) Switching to your secondary to finish off weakened opponents

4) Switching to your secondary in order to damage targets enemy from far away while only your primary for when they stray too close

5) Switching to your secondary weapon to deall with closeby enemies while your primary is saved for long range encounters

This article will cover how each class can heckle and which tactic one should use


As an engineer, one does not need to worry about most of these tactics,as most of his weaponary have enough range to deal with opponents both close and far, while the damage per round is small enough to waste a bullet on finishing off a low health opponent, as well as having more than enough ammo to last a whole round. However, there are times where weapon heckling is useful, most noticeable tactics 1 and 2.


Mercenaries typically do not have to deal with weapon heckling when using machine guns, as their range and damage output is more than enough to cover for any faults. With explosives, one may consider using a perk to nullify any self-damage. If not, it is important to note that you deal heavy damage to yourself when using an explosive in close quarters. For this, 5 is your best friend


Heckling tactics 1 and 2 are some of the most common ones that one will think of when they think of weapon heckling with a Sniper, due to his low health and slow ROF. 3 is more commonly thought of a constant problem as there is a great deal of frustration when one is forced to waste their last round to kill off a 2 health enemy. To nullify such a problem, the skill Overkill is HIGHLY recommended, as the effects of you killing a low health opponent can be transitioned into a high damage shot


Generals typically don't have use of weapon heckling, due to their weapons being incredibly well rounded. Tactics 1 and 2 may be used occasionally


Juggernauts benefit the most from weapon heckling due to their short range and high damage ouput. Switching to a secondary to kill an opponent from long range is less risky than running up to them to shotgun them and taking damage. Weapon heckling with a Juggernaut is more useful at high difficulty levels due to your considerable less amount of tankiness and short range