Should've expected I'd end up pretty much alone here. Those who I relied on have vanished, so the plans took about 5x longer than expected, mostly because I hoped to have a natively english-speaking person transform my rambling thoughts into appropriate articles, but in the end I had to write big texts like that myself and for me it takes a lot of time. Either way, I got some more stuff done. In total it's still like a half of what I wanted, but that's for sure better than nothing.

I'd also like to mention Erick.kao2002, who was there for a short time, but did make a few useful articles. However, not exactly understanding how wiki navigation work, he didn't add any links to these articles onto existing articles and didn't categorize them or do anything else to make them easier to find, effectively wasting all the effort as there's hardly any way for the readers to bump into these articles. I did my "best" and hardly did any help to that, besides adding the Bots article to the navigation bar above.

I should now move onto articles about characters and classes, and do the Strike Force Heroes 2 article already, as it was the second one on the list at the very beginning. And finally make an appropriate article for describing each weapon and their groups, rather than just listing their stats. And Shop and Slot Machine has a lot to improve too.
However I doubt I'd ever get to do any of that. At this point I'm not willing to continue the work, since I lost the motivation a while ago and, let's face it, burned out already. Thinking how much time they'd take if I continue at current pace, I get demotivated even more. I'll probably just leave aforementioned articles as they are, unfinished and full of misinformation at the same time, especially the weapons ones.

I'm not going to leave the wiki; I'll still be around for maintenance purposes, trying to not let the wiki turn worse. As for actually editing the articles, I don't know. Maybe someday.

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