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  • My occupation is Killing monsters to save the world
  • WTF-8

    Stuff done so far

    December 31, 2016 by WTF-8

    As you might have heard, about a month ago I and Hogan milligan have began a wide renovation of the wiki. The general idea was to check out each and single article and see what can be added or fixed, and then do it. Seems it works! It takes time though, especially considering we have like 200 articles here, and quite a lot of them had/have so much content missing. Some articles are not even touched yet, but I can assure you they are on the list.

    We're about to jump into 2017 (Happy New Year btw!), and before that happens I'm going to sum up the major changes and improvements we have done.

    • Primary Weapons — Basic descriptions of weapon types and links to appropriate articles.
    • Secondary Weapons — same
    • Weapons — A paragraph about weap…
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