Well, first I want to say, I haven't been too active here for a while, but I'd like to change that. So, I decided to do the blog thing.

Regarding my favorite class, I'd have to say Mercenary. I'm just that kind of guy.

Second favorite has to be Engineer.

Third is Juggernaut.

Fourth is General.

Fifth is Sniper.

In SFH1, I never really used rocket lawnchairs for my Commando, I mostly used machine guns. But now, in SFH2, I'm starting to really like the Javalin. The Stinger, not so much, nor the RPG. I strongly dislike the Commando, because the damage was decreased, and you also don't have control over how it fires. It automatically fires all four rockets, no matter what.

So, Javalin is one of my fav weapons, I'd have to say the other is the Cerberus. High damage, not too bad range, and relatively high ROF.

Tomorrow I'll go into the other classes.

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