Astronaut (Player & Allies)


Astronaut head

Astronaut is a minor protagonist on the game,and you play as Mick,the astronaut.your allies are:Neil,Buzz and Houston and their melee are all Wrenchs .Neil is a Engineer hold a P99, Buzz is a Juggernaut hold a USP and Houston is a General hold a Automag. Houston casualty of death is to be exploded at Mick face by the Unknown General.

Opponent Astronauts:

After Houston die,when the Player switch the Wrench to UMP,there are 3 astronaut clones sent by GlobeX Leader to kill you.Strangely their melee are First Bloods.Their camos are GlobeX and the Player + Allies are Tundra.Their weapons are: USP,Automag and M1911.

Ending the mission

When your team reach the kill to 14, Neil will say:"We can't do this,they just keep coming..." its mean you are victory but you still lose because GlobeX soldiers are sucessfully destroyed your spaceship.

Custom game

You can type the nameboard "Astronaut" to play the same at the character at level 1:Station Repair at every game

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