I won't explain too much. the name tells everything.
Intervention: 4.7/5 Insane killing machine. The only major problem is its firing speed. If you don't hit on the 1st or second shot, you are gonna die.
DSR-1: 4.6/5 Same as the intervention, just that you very much need overkill for this to be effective.
L118A: 4.6/5 Not that reliant to overkill like the DSR-1, but a tiny bit weaker.
MK14: 4.4/5 Easier to use than bolt action, but weaker. AIs using this are too powerful though :(
Barrett: 4.2/5 Inaccurate, but is a G11 with more power.
Dragunov: 2.1/5 TOO low ammo to damage and firing speed!
G3: 4.0/5 The major problem is that when one bullet misses, all 3 miss.
G11: 3.8/5 No big problem like the G3, but statistically weaker.
Thank you!:)

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