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  • GameZone1

    All of the Sky9 wikis have a lot of ugly pages, pages that need to be deleted, unfinished pages that no one will bother finishing, and a lot of uncreated pages no one will bother creating, and this wiki even has a fucking joke page.

    I want you all to go to the Madness Combat Wiki. I want you to read it, examine it, and take examples from it. I want the wikis' templates based on the MCW's templates, I want the wikis organized like the MCW, and, well, just overall based on the MCW, and the wikis will look a lot better.

    I also want you guys to take examples from the Fig Hunter Wiki. That wiki is at a similar level of maintenance as the MCW, but that has some things that the MCW doesn't, and vice versa.

    Now, I am not saying I want you guys to turn…

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  • GameZone1

    Should we move all the Sky9 game-related wikis into a single wiki? As of now, there is this wiki, ANOTHER Strike Force Heroes wiki, a Raze wiki, and a Siegius wiki. It would be easier and more neat to put all the wikis into one, rather than have 4 different wikis, most of them not linked to each other.

    We would also be able to have information on the Vector Effect and AKQQFM games.


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