USAS 12 Shotgun

The USAS 12 is a shotgun primary for the General and Juggernaut classes.

USAS 12 stands for Universal Sports Automatic Shotgun, 12 gauge. The real gun was manufactued in South Korea as a gas powered assault shotgun, and could hold a ten shot clip or a twenty shot drum and fire automatically.

Practical InformationEdit

This gun is very good in most close-range situations, having a low range, but within that range can easily kill the strongest enemy.

Having a ROF of 3-5 rps, and a 10 shot clip, you never run out in the middle of a 1v1, even with a Juggernaut.

The USAS 12 has medium-high damage, and can kill weaker enemies in two shots, and stronger enemies in three to four shots.


Recommended use with: The General often can find more uses for this gun than the Juggernaut, as it is weaker but faster than the SPAS 12 or Judgement.

Recommended use against: Anything, as long as they're alone.

Recommended tactics: Can be used as a hit and run, or stay and fight weapon.

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