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Too Many Mechs

Challenge Level 14 - Too Many Mechs

Map: Construction Bay

Mode: Deathmatch

Kills to Win: 20

Mission DescriptionEdit

This probably isn't even possible.




This level takes place in an unique map called "Construction Bay", which is basically Base with only slightly modified background. The GlobeX Mech is in the background, as in Level 14 of the Campaign, and retains all of its weapons and abilities. In addition, the stage you play is the exact same mech as the one in Level 15 of the Campaign. This means that there are six types of stage hazards now- guns, lasers, and stomps from the background mech, and missiles and lasers from the mech stage. You spawn with two random opposing soldiers, and one "owns" the background mech, and the other "owns" the stage mech. This means that the soldiers cannot be damaged by the stage hazards they "own", although the other one and you can still be damaged.

Although this level sounds tough, it isn't that scary once you get the hang of the stage mech hazards- the only one that really poses a threat are the hunter missiles. With a well leveled up soldier, good equipment, and thoughtful picking of skills/killstreaks, this level should not pose a problem.


  • As with the mech in the last level of the campaign, the stage mech has a laser and hunter missiles. If you really must dodge the horizontal laser, just pause the game, and wait until it stops, then resume. Lol.
  • The hunter missiles are a bit trickier- the idea is to get right against the platform they spawn on untill the first salvo is almost reaching you. Then IMMEDIATELY jump to the edge of the platform once the first rocket of the second salvo is launched. This way, you should be able to dodge the rockets.
  • You might want to get a relatively high health class (Engineer, Mercenary, Juggernaut) for this level with a medium-ranged weapon with a good amount of ammo. You might also want to get a Aerogel Case or Oobleck Armor because they regenerate. Remember, there are no ammo packs, armor packs or health packs on this map.
  • If both mechs use laser at the same time, you will die (unless you pause the game and wait for them to stop).

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