Thumper (2)

Thumper Grenade Launcher

Explosive, Sticks to enemies and walls

Can NOT Crit or Headshot

12x5 mag, Medium-Low damage.

Practical InformationEdit

The Thumper has the second highest mag of all Launchers in the entire game. It sticks to your target before detonates, which is both good and bad.

Good: it can killsteal people, and kill an escaping enemy.

Bad: someone can kill him before the Stickies explode, and right before detonation, they can katana it off. SO USE WISELY.


Recommended for use with: Melees work well, but an Automag, Desert Eagle ,or a Throwing Knife can work too.

Recommended to use against: This weapon will waste ammo on Snipers, because it takes up to 3 shots to kill one. Try a Juggernaut as a target: it is big, so these grenades can blow up other people easier, AND hit him. But it really works against anyone if you know how to combine it with a solid Secondary.


  • The Thumper also appears in the first Strike Force Heroes game. It resembles an M-79 grenade launcher, a weapon nicknamed "the Thumper" by soldiers. In contrast, the Thumper in Strike Force Heroes 2 bears little to no resemblance to the M-79. Instead, it resembles the Linebacker G-87 MSGL from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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