Throwing Knife (2)

Throwing knife

The throwing knife is a secondary, single-shot melee weapon with a limited range.

In appearance it is a short, bare metal single-piece blade worn on the belt, with a skeleton grip on the tang, and a broad point that appears machine-ground.

The base number of knives per life is 30(or more, depending on the ammo % of the user).

From Version 1.8 and up, you can now get more knives by picking up an ammo powerup.

The knife will ricochet off walls, corners and floors. If thrown down stairs it will hit the base of the stairs and spin along the floor. The knives arc with range and unlike bullets can be dodged when the projectiles are in the air due to their low speed

The user aims the knife with the mouse as usual.

Kills with the Throwing Knife count as melee kills, as kills with it add towards the Samurai Trophy

The Throwing Knife is useful for assasinating people if you're a high level sniper (with a 40+ knife equipped).

Practical InformationEdit

Recommended to use with: Low range primaries, and fast weapons. It is useful for almost anything, especially due to it's bouncing/arc ability, it can go over walls and along floors. Not recommended with a Rocket or grenade launcher as both weapons have low ammo, making it possible to run out of ammo very quickly.

Recommended to use against: Anyone and anything, very useful against and with a Sniper, just watch out for Katanas! The bouncing and sliding can make even cloaked Snipers easy prey, Juggernaut is a bit hard to kill though, you are going to need some skills!

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