• Oof I'm back. Probably.

    Trying to make a single article for all Campaign missions, there is what's done so far. It'd be nice if you could check mission summaries for grammar mistakes and stuff. Haven't done all of mission summaries yet. Hoping for you to help, because writing those summaries is rather difficult for me.

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    • Yeah, I'm sorry I haven't done much recently, but I'll just skip all the excuses. Anyway, I'll check it out.

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    • Ok, I just read it, although not thoroughly cause I don"t have much time, but I'll say first off that your writing is excellent. From what I have seen that you have done, and my stuff that you have fixed, I'm hardly in a position to criticize it. Second, I'm pretty sure the difficulty settings don't only affect the number of enemies, so I would double check that. Again, I would do it, but I don't have time right now. I will try to check later. Anyway, I will try to get to editing in the next few days. And one last thing, how do you want me to edit stuff? Should I put My edits in brackets with my name or something? Or just edit directly? I don't know what the standard procedure for that is.

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    • > I'm pretty sure the difficulty settings don't only affect the number of enemies
      I think I meant their level, not the number of them. I've been wondering if there's any additional bonuses or penalties for bots coming from difficulty chosen, or if it's dictated solely by enemy level. Cannot say for sure, but from the looks of it there isn't any of such additional bonuses - or at least their effect isn't noticeable enough.

      > how do you want me to edit stuff?
      Just edit directly, yeah. We always have a revision comparison button, so there's no need of marking each edited word with a signature.

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    • Ok, will do.  But I"m not sure I can actually get to it today, because I have school to catch up on.

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    • btw

      Fortress War

      Quick description

      Battle Turrets! Battle Turrets everywhere!

      • Map: Mansion
      • Mode: Capture the Flag
      • Players / Teams size: 3 VS 3
      • Flags to Win: 5
      • Recommended level: 10-18 (Normal) | 35-42 (Hard)
      • Special: Everyone's passive skill is replaced with Auto Streak 3, giving them one killstreak point each 0.1 seconds. Everyone's killstreak is replaced with Battle Turret.

      Deeper analysis

      With Auto Streak 3, you get your Battle Turret ready in 0.4 seconds without even having to kill anyone. Sadly enough, it's still not possible to place more than one turret at a time; considering this, the auto streak is here mostly for quick killstreak recharge, allowing to place the turret again almost instantly after it got destroyed.

      As of whether destroy the turret or kill the person who placed it: Enemy soldiers typically have less health than turrets, and when they die, so do turrets they owned. However, they typically do more damage than their turrets, and may be on the opposite side of the map, making them time-consuming to reach - by the time you get to him, the turret may already self-destruct. So, if you need to do something with that one annoying turret, it'd be simplier and more effective to aim at the turret itself rather than its owner - unless the owner is somewhere close and doesn't have too strong weapons. Waiting also works, if you can afford the time.

      One of possible strategies for the challenge is provided below.

      Close range meltdown

      This is based around the Juggernaut with a full or semi-auto shotgun (these types of shotguns top at 500+ DPS) and a DPS-orientired high range secondary like Desert Eagle or Throwing Knives. Although General can use shotguns as well, his low health is a problem when the combat resolves around close range fights and when taking damage is a normal part of the gameply, but he may work too.

      Generally (or rather, Juggernally), this strategy resolves around gang break-ins, large scale destruction, quick escapes and meat shields. Firstly, gather your teammates for a raid onto enemy base. One is fine, two is awesome. Upper routes are simplier, but the bottom ones are not much harder, no worries here. When you go, switch to secondary weapon and walk a bit behind the mates, so they act as shields against any strangers you may encounter.

      When getting close to enemy fortifications, bring out the shotgun, walk forward and destroy all the turrets in the way - you'll soon be escaping by this pathway and you'll want the route to be clear. This is the part where Juggernaut's high health pool shines, as he can afford being shot as long as the enemy dies first - and with such a strong weapon the turrets don't stand a chance. If you get damaged critically, or if you see you may get damaged critically very soon (like if a strong enemy soldier just popped up), deploy the Portable Meat Shield (or rather, Metal Shield), crouch and move behind it and keep shooting. The enemy should fall, even if that costs you the turret, all allies and 99% of your health it's still good.

      Now simply take the flag and retreat the way you came here, dropping turrets and hiding behind them (or just running away) if anyone gets on your tail. Repeat five times to win.

      What'd you say on this? Though I'd need to re-read this later with a fresh brain, this was written in one run.

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    • Not bad at all, but some parts need rewording.  l might get the chance to do it today.

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    • Done. Haven't managed to do Last Hope properly, but that'll do. (Help?)

      Moving onto Challenges now.

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    • A FANDOM user
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