Stinger Rocket Launcer

Stinger Rocket Launcher

The FIM-92 Stinger (Or Stinger for short) is a primary weapon for the Mercenary.

Practical InformationEdit

Explosive, Homing Capability

Can NOT Crit or Headshot

2nd strongest rocket launcher, but has less homing range and turning than Javelin. Basically it is a combination of RPG & Javelin.


Recommended to use with: A fast RoF(Rate of Fire), medium power secondary. Glock 18, USP, Five Seven or the Kriss Kard should help a lot with finishing off. Also, Heartbeat Sensors, Flux Capacitor and Target Locators would be great attachments to this gun.

Recommended to use against: Low - Medium health/armor enemies. Just shoot a high health/armor enemy if you're in range and with your secondary at full ammo.

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