DSR1 (3)

The DSR1 Sniper Rifle, slightly higher rps than an Intervention, but slightly lower damage,

The sniper is a primary weapon type usable by only the sniper class. Its incredible damage, range, and accuracy make it one of the most powerful weapon types in SFH2.

Sniper StrengthsEdit

There are several different types of Snipers. There are full auto, medium range, low damage ones like the G11, there are semi-auto, medium range, medium damage ones like the Barrett, and bolt action, long range, high damage ones like the Intervention. This makes different missions do-able with the same type of weapon category. All snipers have decent to very good accuracy. Snipers also give additional headshot damage and vision range: +25% headshot damage for automatic or burst fire snipers, +50% headshot damage for semiautomatic or bolt action, and +50% vision range for all sniper rifles.

Sniper WeaknessesEdit

The rate of fire for long range snipers like the DSR-1 is very low, but the ability to stay out of range of enemies makes up for that usually. However, all types of snipers have a common weakness: close range. The low rate of fire for snipers just is no match for an SMG or shotgun. If you have a sniper equipped, camping in the corner of the map is your best bet at avoiding close range encounters. A good melee secondary is also useful for people who have snipers equipped to help them at close quarters.

Incendiary, EMP, Corrosive, and Nitrogen rounds are generally not very useful on semiautomatic or bolt action sniper rifles, should you manage to obtain a custom sniper. This is because said weapons rely on power, and downing enemies requires few hits. Since the chance of inflicting an elemental effect per shot is relatively low on snipers, the built in elemental chance tends not to be very useful. On the other hand, piercing or shredding attributes will increase the gun's damage, and subsequently reduce the number of shots needed to kill.

Reccomended Use WithEdit

A strong melee, the shock rod or katana are preferable since they do the most damage. It makes up a little bit for the lack of power at close range the sniper has. Laser sights and Heartbeat sensors are useful as attachments. Laser sights are useful on any gun, and the heartbeat sensor allows off-screen kills.

Reccomended Use AgainstEdit

Any class, really. As long as you can stay out of range of all the other players, you're pretty much invincible.

Sniper ListEdit

Barrett Sniper Rifle (Semi auto)

Dragunov Sniper Rifle (Semi auto)

MK 14 Sniper Rifle (Semi-auto)

DSR1 Sniper Rifle (Bolt action)

Intervention Sniper Rifle (Bolt Action)

L118A Sniper Rifle (Bolt action)

G3 Sniper Rifle (Full auto for three rounds per burst)

G11 Sniper Rifle (Full auto)

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