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This page is for the playable Sniper. Click here for Jyn, your teammate.

About the SniperEdit

The Sniper is one of the remade classes, originally the Assassin. The Sniper no longer relies on Melee weapons though, instead placing his trust in powerful Sniper Rifles and SMGs. He is best used as a long range support class, as a headshot can often be a one-hit kill. His weapons mean that he can snipe while staying comfortably out of his enemy's range.He also has some interesting Killstreaks, often related to video game hacks, most notably the "Wall Hack".

The Sniper is an extremely effective killing machine, except in one department. He has light armor, which makes him weak in close combat, especially against Shotgun-wielding classes. For this reason, he should avoid close quarters fighting at all costs, although the Katana may help somewhat.

The Sniper is especially useful in Capture the Flag where, providing a good position is taken up, he can command the map, fending off any attacks long before they reach the flag and softening up enemy guards. A good position should be high up, with a good field of fire covering the enemy side of the map.

In conclusion, the Sniper should aim for the head for a quick kill, while always looking for a commanding position in which to camp. As he is weak in close combat, he should avoid the frontline and keep well out of range of any Generals or Juggernauts.

They'll never know what hit 'em. BOOM, HEADSHOT!

Passive SkillsEdit

None: No Skill equipped

Kill Steal: Killing is easier when you're not
  • Kill Steal Skill
  • Armor Piercing Skill
  • Extreme Focus Skill
  • Overkill Skill
being fired at. +15% Damage to enemies not targetting (sic) you. (Unlocked at level 2)

Armor Piercing: Your bullets pass through enemy armor, hitting their health. Pierce 80% of enemy's armor. (Unlocked at level 6)

Extreme Focus: Taking your time for precise shots will heavily increase your damage. +30% Damage after not shooting for 1 second. (Unlocked at level 10)

Overkill: Killing an enemy with huge damage adds the excess damage to your next shot. Add excess kill damage to next shot. (Unlocked at level 14)


  • Battle Scan Killstreak
  • True Stealth Killstreak
  • Aim Bot Killstreak
  • Wall Hack Killstreak

'Battle Scan (3 kills): Enemies are revealed on 'radar and take +15% damage for 8 seconds. (Unlocked at level 4)

True Stealth (3 kills): Turn invisible for 8 seconds. Attacking or being attacked will reveal you briefly. (Unlocked at level 8)

Aim Bot (4 kills): 75% chance your shots count as headshots for 8 seconds. (Unlocked at level 16)

Wall Hack (5 kills): For 8 seconds, you can shoot directly through all walls. {Corpses WILL still block your shots}. (Unlocked at level 20)

Primary WeaponsEdit

Sniper RiflesEdit

Barrett Sniper Rifle (Semi auto)

Dragunov Sniper Rifle (Semi auto)

MK 14 Sniper Rifle (Semi-auto)

DSR1 Sniper Rifle (Bolt action)

Intervention Sniper Rifle (Bolt Action)

L118A Sniper Rifle (Bolt action)

G3 Sniper Rifle (Burst-fire)

G11 Sniper Rifle (Full auto)



Bizon SMG

Patriot SMG






Secondary WeaponsEdit

Kriss Kard Pistol

PP2000 Pistol

Desert Eagle Pistol

Five Seven Pistol

Beretta PX4 Pistol

Automag Pistol

USP Pistol

M1911 Pistol

P99 Pistol

Raffica Pistol

Glock 18 Pistol

FMG9 Pistol

MP9 Pistol

Throwing Knife

Wrench Melee

First Blood Melee

Katana Melee

Shock Rod Melee

Primary AttachmentsEdit

Sniper RifleEdit

FMJ Rounds Sniper

Hallow Points Sniper

ACOG Sniper

Extended Mags Sniper

Heartbeat Sensor Sniper

Laser Sight Sniper

Thermal Sniper

SMG Edit

Extended Mags SMG

EMP Rounds SMG

Incendiary Rounds SMG

Nitrogen Rounds SMG

Corrosive Rounds SMG

Red Dot SMG

Silencer SMG

Grip SMG


  • Kevlar Vest Armor
  • Superalloy Vest Armor
  • Magnetic Shield Armor
  • Aerogel Case Armor
  • Static Exoskel Armor
  • Oobleck Armor

Kevlar Vest

Superalloy Vest

Magnetic Shield

Aerogel Case

Static Exoskel

Oobleck Armor

Camos and AppearanceEdit


  • Peekaboo - A helmet with a raised face visor. (Pre-unlocked)
  • Syndication - A head with raised hair and a bandana. Jyn's helmet, resembles the face of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series. (Unlocked at level 5)
  • Nightmare - A very slightly modified knight's helmet, with a closed visor.This head is extremely similar to Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe. (Unlocked at level 13)
  • Assassin - A facemask covering the entire head with two holes for eyes. (Unlocked at level 21)

Bodies : note: on the opening picture the sniper looks like he has brass knuckles.Edit

  • Sneaking Suit - A basic armor, resembling the armor of Solid Snake, from the Metal Gear Solid series. (Pre-unlocked)
  • High Endurance - A slightly more robust armor with less plates and more seams than the Sneaking Suit. Same general build as the Sniper's legs. (Unlocked at level 9)
  • Battle Attire - A heavy version of the Sneaking Suit. Bears a very slight resemblance to Solid Snake's armor from Metal Gear Solid 2. (Unlocked at level 17)


Army Drab (Tan), Oceanic (Blue), Urban (Red), Tundra (White), Vitamin C (Orange Polka Dot), Desert Storm (Khaki), Frozen Lake (Blue/White), Hot Lava (Orange), Digital (Black/White), Sting (Yellow/Black), Jungle (Green/Grey), Deep Blue ( Dark Blue), Blood Stained (Dark Red), GlobeX (Black/Dark Grey), Polka-Dot (Red/Yellow Polka Dot), Bandages (Brown/Light Grey), Patriotic (Red/White/Blue Splashes), Pretty in Pink (Pink/Purple), Glitch in the System (Green/Black), Hot Rod (Orange/Brown Fire Pattern.


Character Selection Quotes:Edit

"Boom, Headshot!" - This is a reference to Jyn's gamer-turned sniper background. The age old cry of elated gamers fits Jyn's character perfectly.

Boom, Headshot!

"Sure, blame the lag." - Another reference to Jyn's gaming. Shooter players famously blame the game's lag for their deaths, in this sense meaning that Jyn's kills are so spectacular, they can be attributed to lag. This is also an underlying dig at the lag sometimes experienced when playing SFH 2...

Sure, blame the lag

Killstreak Quotes:Edit

"Battle Scan online!" - This would refer to Jyn's first killstreak, Battle Scan. It's to tell his teammates to take a look at the radar to search for their targets. But it only works to the targets that were alive during the Battle Scan.

Battle Scan online!

"Oh yeah! It's headshot time!" - This is heard when Jyn uses his third killstreak, Aim Bot.

Oh yeah, it's headshot time

"You can run, but you can't hide!" - This refers to Jyn's last killstreak, Wall Hack. It's to tell his enemies that they can never be able to hide from Jyn's Wall Hacked bullets.

You can run, but you can't hide!

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