Sheep Cannon

Sheep cannon's stats after the update

The Sheep Cannon is an item obtained by hitting 3 poops on the Slot Machine. It is a green cannon that shoots sticky, exploding sheep that home in on enemies. Since the new update it does less damage but can shoot 3 sheep before reloading. The word 'SHEEP' is written on the side of the cannon in red lettering. 

To see this rare weapon in action click the following link.

Practical InformationEdit

Recommended use with: an automatic secondary, as it has a low rate of fire. 

Recommended use against: large groups, other rocket launchers, and used in long range

Known GlitchesEdit

In the Soldiers menu, when you select a soldier wielding a Sheep Cannon and then select a Mercenary wielding a Rocket Launcher, the sheep at the end of the Sheep Cannon will appear in the Mercenary's rocket launcher, and if you select the Mercenary first, and then the soldier wielding the Sheep Cannon, the sheep will be gone.

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The glitches

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