The Bizon SMG, capable of very high rps, but has very low damage

The SMG is a weapon type usable by the Engineer and Sniper Classes. The SMG's extremely high fire rate make it capable of huge killing sprees. SMG's are also "Spray and Pray" weapons. (If you don't know what this means, see Minigun)

SMG StrengthsEdit

The SMG, with the exception of the single fire G36C, has an incredibly high fire rate, capable of reaching up to 10 RPS with weapons like the Bizon and Patriot. This, combined with high ammo capacity, can make this weapon type a pain to deal with.

SMG WeaknessesEdit

The SMG has the lowest damage per round of any other weapon type in the game. While the high RPS usually makes up for this, it can be extremely annoying when dealing with high-health enemies. The SMG also has low accuracy and medium-low range, making it an up-close weapon, unfortunate for the low-health Sniper and Engineer.

Recommended Use WithEdit

A high power handgun with a decent to good range. Some SMGs lack in accuracy and range, and almost all have low damage, meaning a strong handgun is an essential. You might want a long barrel to increase range, or a laser sight, just because laser sights are useful for just about anything as your attachment. A good armor is Military Jacket, as it will sustain your fire for a little longer (reloading is a pain with SMGs).

Recommended Use AgainstEdit

A low armor, close range class like the General. Engineers work if you can tank some hits, and Snipers are do-able if you surprise them.

SMG ListEdit

AKS 74

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