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Rocket Race 2.0

Challenge Level 7 - Rocket Race 2.0

Map: Isolation

Mode: Gun Game

Kills to win: 25

Mission DescriptionEdit

1 word, boom.


Weapon: Special

Skill: Boobytrap

Killstreak: Combustion


  • You're dealing with explosives (i.e. grenade launchers, rocket launchers, Magic Wands ), don't mess up and kill yourself, it'll deduct your score.
  • Stay sharp, you never know if an enemy got a Stinger until you see it... or get hit with it.
  • Kill everyone you see, the faster you kill, the faster you get a strong rocket launcher and win. 
  • To Snipers , may God have pity on your low hp and armor. Try to avoid anything that blows up (for short, everything).
  • Sheep Cannons are really Epic to use. If you don't have one, you'll definitely want to get one after seeing it in your hands.
  • A Mercenary or Juggernaut with a blast plate is highly recomended since a blast plate reduces a large amount of damge from explosives and fire.

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