RPG Rocket Launcer

RPG Rocket Launcher

The RPG  is a primary weapon for the Mercenary. (RPG stands for Ruchnoy Protivotankovy Granatomyot, (Russian for "Handheld anti-tank grenade launcher"),backronymed as Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher). Its real life counter-part is the RPG-7.

Practical InformationEdit

The RPG is the highest damaging rocket launcher in the game, with the fastest rocket movement speed, though it has an atrocious accuracy and a slow fire rate.

Depending on your level you can hold up to 20 rockets, not just 6. However, you can fire only one rocket before having to reload.

Recommended use with: Fast/strong secondary that can finish off enemies. Pistols and Throwing Knives are both good. Or maybe, you can just run up and hit them with a melee weapon. Use with the No Sweat ability to avoid your own explosions if you have to hit someone at point-blank range.

Recommended use against: Low-health enemies will often die with a non-direct hit, and Juggernauts have very little chance of surviving a direct hit, unless they have a good armor or chose the right skills.

Use on Juggernauts when using the killstreak Rage or use on everyone when using the killstreak Surge. Death Wizard is great, if the enemy doesn't die in one hit.

Do not underestimate Mercenary bots equipped with this launcher. If they crouch, or are only a few feet away from you, they can usually kill you with one shot (sometimes they die with you though, XD).

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