R870 shotgun


The R870 (Remington-Model 870 Shotgun) is the default primary weapon of the Juggernaut.

It is greyish and black in appearance.

Practical InformationEdit

- Although it is the basic shotgun on the Juggernaut, this gun can still be a reliable shotgun with medium - large damage.

- This weapon has good accuracy, it seems to have longer range than other shotguns.


Recommended to use with: Long Barrel. Because it has pretty much the best range of all shotguns, the Long Barrel will increase the range to make the shotgun a medium-ranged gun.

Recommended against: Absolutely everything. This weapon completely destroys anyone off to a fairly decent close quarter range, but avoid snipers, as you will have to rely on your secondary to take them out, or be sneaky and come up close.

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