QBZ 95
The QBZ 95 is one of the Engineer's primary weapons, and is a fully automatic assault rifle. Ir's one of the slowest firing assault rifles at ~5.4 rps at level 32, but dealing around 23 damage per shot, this gun is still able to dish out 124 damage per second.  It also has a high base accuracy, and due to a slow rate of fire recoil is easily controlled for continous fire.  Being a primary weapon, it's best to take out the majority of the enemy's health with this, then if needed bring out a secondary. Its ammo capactiy is good for an assault rifle, but if you need more, you can equip the Extended Mags primary attachment. 

Practical InformationEdit

Recommended use with: MP9, PP2000, Glock 18

Recommended use against: Weak enemies, Notably the Sniper

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