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Patriot SMG

The Patriot is a submachine gun of low to moderate strength that has a comparatively short range and small amount of damage. It makes up for this flaw with a fire rate rivaled only by the Bizon, and an extremely generous clip size.

Practical InformationEdit

Recommended use with: Red Dot, or a Silencer which offsets the range flaw, a very powerful secondary such as a Desert Eagle or Katana, Military Jacket, True Stealth killstreak, and Armor Piercing skill.

Recommended use against: Most weaker classes (Engineer, General, other snipers) at a close range, or against most classes if using a silencer.


  • It is essentially a short-barreled M4 with no stock.
  • This weapon is a reference to the weapon of the same name appearing in the Metal Gear Solid series.
  • The Patriot almost seems to resemble the M231 FPW, thanks to its lack of a stock and compact size.

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