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The Party Time medal is a medal in Strike Force Heroes 2.


"Party like no one's watching!" Unlocks Fiesta mode.

How to obtainEdit

This medal may be unlocked via a secret. To get this medal, at the start of the first mission of the campaign, head outside and get to the generator. Proceed normally UNTIL you are prompted to hit the generator with the wrench. Stop there, and get out of the generator room by crouch walking under the wire. Then, hop down and walk to your spawn point. There is a large shaft above you. Jump up, and you will find that you float up. Then, walk to the center of the map, walk left, and walk right to reach the disposal beam room. Get to the other side of the disposal beam room, and you'll find an awesome face picture bouncing around. Getting there unlocks the medal.l;;;l


  • This is the only medal that requires backtracking through a level.
  • After you find the medal, you will notice that all the stage hazards in the map are shut off-you cannot be killed by the disposal beam, or the death pit below.

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