PDW (2)


The PDW is a SMG in Strike Force Heroes 2.

The PDW is relatively well balanced, with a rate of fire somewhere in the 7-8 rps range. The damage is moderate, the accuracy is good, and the range is mediocre.

Most PDWs are of OK quality, but are usually worse than most assault rifles. However, the higher quality versions are actually quite good and worth buying.

Something to note is that the PDW consumes a lot of ammunition, and is probably only effective at close to medium range. Nevertheless, it is extremely powerful with the Overkill passive skill, allowing kills in about four to five shots. 

The PDW in real life represents the Magpul Personal Defense Rifle, or PDR for short. PDW stands for Personal Defense Weapon, the name of the ccategory of weapons the Magpul PDR falls under.

Practical InformationEdit

Recommended use with: Take with you a strong long-ranged pistol. Kriss Kard or Beretta Px4 are highly recommended.

Recommended use against: This nifty weapon can deal with most enemies, but you should definitely engage Juggernauts and Mercenaries with caution.

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