The Walther P99 Pistol is a default secondary for the General,but you can use it for other classes.



The P99 Pistol

The P99 is the single shot pistol that comes pre-unlocked for the General. It is powerful, with good range. It is however, a little unreliable at long range and so is best at medium. It deals quite a small amount of damage for a single shot pistol, and this is its weakness. It will usually be bettered in equal combat so, once again, it is for finishing your enemies off. The clip size is good, but the number of shots needed to destroy an opponent makes it feel small.

Practical InformationEdit

Recommended use with: A high damage weapon. The P99 is especially useful when used with a Sniper Rifle, as it can be used to snipe weakened enemies, should it be needed.

Recommended use against: Already weakened enemies. It has difficulty taking down stronger classes, as they will kill you first.

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