The No-names is a weapon classed under the dual-magnums category. It has Medium-high power, High accuracy, medium-low range and a low rate of fire. It bears close resemblance to the Remington model 1858, and so this is probably the in-game representation of this gun.

The Remington revolver was a was a percussion revolver used in the late 1800s, when the wild west was thriving with outlaws. The revolver was expensive, more than its direct competitor, the Colt 1860 army, by 50 cents (a lot at that time), but it far superior because its durability and its ability to quickly reload thanks to its ability to switch into another cylinder. 

In-game the No-names fill a gap between the Mighty .500s and the Raging Bull's. It has the power and accuracy of the .500s without its 10-round mag and its slow rate of fire. However, its power and accuracy is not quite as good as the .500s, and the range is below average. The best feature about this gun is it's versatility; it can hold its own in CQB but equally good at longer ranges. However, its lack of a special trait does encourage users to try other guns.

No Name's

No Name's Dual Magnum

Secondary-wise, use whats best with you. A Desert Eagle is a good choice, but the throwing knives are the best choice since they combine high power and rate of fire with brilliant range.
The recommended setup for this gun is a rapid one; taking advantage of the full-auto perk. Attachments wise, the hair trigger is the way to go. Boosting your gun's rate of fire by 20% makes it the attachment of choice for this class. As for the secondary, use the throwing knives. With the full-auto perk, this will be a monster. Perfect for long range and CQB alike, it is probably the best secondary on offer. Combining the hair trigger and the full auto perk, this will turn the gun into a brilliant weapon, great for CQB and medium range. Mind the increased rate of fire though, as it will eat into the supply faster than normal. Sacrificing the fast hands may sound mad, but in reality the normal reload rate is not that bad, only at 2 seconds or so. 
So, put on a cowboy hat, and charge into battle, relive the wild west. Spin the chambers and pull the triggers. Equip these unknown guns, and your enemies will be dead before they catch your name.

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