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Night of the Ninja

Challenge Level 10 - Night of the Ninja

Map: Convoy (Night)

Mode: Deathmatch (although it looks like a team deathmatch, each ninja is scored separately)

Kills to Win: 25

Mission DescriptionEdit

Keep an eye on your radar, it may save your life.


Skill: Full Radar

Killstreak: Battle Scan


  • Homing missiles are rather good weapons in this challenge, as it just need some relative accuracy on the target and the missile will do the rest.
  • Using attachments like Corrosive rounds or Incendiary rounds also works as the "ninjas" leave a trail of acid/fire as they run, notifying the position of the enemy.
  • A sheep cannon is rather useful, as it sticks on the invisible opponent before the sheep itself explodes, it is a great way to notice the opponent when Battle Scan is not online. A Commando might also be useful as it explodes on impact. This can reveal multiple opponents when fired correctly, due to its inaccuracy.
  • No need to focus on the true map much, best to keep your eyes on your radar as it says on the mission description.
  • There should be no worry of the opponent shooting at you, they only carry what appears to be a katana, so try shoot from a distance.
  • A machine gun with a high rate-of-fire like the Minigun, IAR, or M60, especially the Minigun, can be quite useful. Ninjas still bleed when shot, so using the aforementioned weapons allows you to see exactly where your enemies are, and can still mow them down in seconds.
  • NEVER, I repeat, NEVER use a melee weapon against the Ninjas. They will easily cut you down before you can swing your own weapon.
  • A nice, relatively safe place to camp out with an ammo supply is the rightmost area of the map, with the lone truck and missile salvo. Stay around that area and have your weapon ready. Ninjas will rarely go here, so you don't have to face Ninja rushes very often. When they do, they are lone, or occasionally in pairs. Because you don't have to face many enemies at a time, at least in my experience, you can let your health/armor regenerate, and the ammo spawn point underneath the truck simplifies finding ammunition.
  • The M26, Thumper, and EXE Grenade Launchers can forgo precise aiming and simply saturate entire areas with explosives. Since Ninjas are based off snipers, they won't have the hp to survive being in the middle of this firestorm.

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