The Neostead Shotgun.

The Neostead is a shotgun for the General and the Juggernaut in Strike Force Heroes 2.


This shotgun is mostly a metallic-blue color. Based off of a real-life shotgun, the Neostead is a deadly shotgun at close quarters, and is still decent at medium range. The raw stats alone aren't very impressive, but keep in mind that this gun fires in two-round bursts- so when calculating rate of fire, multiply the rate-of-fire by two. You then get a gun with relatively low damage for a shotgun (>100), a pretty decent rate of fire (4 rps when calculating the average R.O.F.), good range, and low ammo.

Although the performance isn't super impressive, when you combine the range, two-round burst, and good accuracy, it's actually quite effective. A single burst will do a very good amount of damage. If that's not enough, the second burst will almost invariably finish them off.

Here's a tip. When you want to get an idea of how effective this weapon is, multiply the damage by two. Then multiply the damage by the rate of fire listed. This is the approximate damage per second of the Neostead. Quite impressive, right?

The only problem with this weapon is the disappointing ammunition capacity (only four rounds by default) and the range, which is less than the pump-action shotguns. So, while this shotgun excels at killing one or two enemies at close range, keep in mind that it isn't a strong performer at long range, and you will find yourself reloading and scavenging for ammo constantly. Remember, this isn't a crowd-control weapon.

Recommended use againstEdit

Use the Neostead against either lone powerful enemies, or a maximum of two low-health enemies. A single burst of a good quality Neostead should be able to deal with most Engineers, Snipers, Generals, or the occasional Mercenary. So for those enemies, you can engage with a maximum of two.

Most of the time, you will need two bursts, sometimes more, for Juggernauts and most Mercenaries. So, considering the low ammunition capacity, when engaging Juggernauts and Mercenaries, only attack the lone ones.

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