Minigun Machine Gun

The Minigun is a Primary Weapon for the Mercenary. It is a remake of the Minigun in Strike Force Heroes 1, and is also identical to the Heavy's minigun in Team Fortress 2 (Sasha). This is a real life firearm, called the M134 minigun. It weighs around sixty pounds, and has an adjustable RoF, from 2000 to 6000 RPM. Oddly enough, it is made by General Electric.

Practical InformationEdit

The Minigun is extremely fast, and has a lot of ammo, but not much accuracy. It is the weapon of choice if you like to just shoot randomly and hope to hit something, aka "spray and pray"

It does not use clips, so no need to worry about running out of ammo. However, as it's accuracy and range are low, you should always attempt to get close up to your targets, preferably while shooting wildly at them.

It has low damage, but a single click will result in approximately 4 bullets firing.


Recommended to use against: Low health enemies. Snipers are very vulnerable, because you can spray them and hide. A single second of firing at under 15 feet will result in a definite death of a Sniper.

General, or Engineer. Juggernauts are more powerful, and their weapons tend to excel the Minigun in close quarter combat, thus, you should always move to stay out of their range.

Recommended use with: Attachments that boosts accuracy, such as Red Dot or Grip, and a long range Secondary Weapon, such as the Throwing Knife.

It is recommended to use this gun with the Scavenger skill, and the Bloodthirst killstreak. The vast amount of ammo of the Minigun means that for each kill, Scavenger would stock many bullets into your reserve, making ammo finding no longer necessary. As for the Bloodthirst killstreak, similar to other machine guns, the high fire rate would replenish your health faster than the damage output of many weapons, so you are nearly invincible as long as the skill is active.

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