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About MedalsEdit

Medals are unlockable
SFH2 Medals

SFH2 Medals

achievements, which are earned by completing some, often secret, task in the game.

Medal DescriptionsEdit

  • The End? - To earn this medal, complete the campaign. This can be completed on either easy, medium or hard.
  • Strike Force Hero - This medal is awarded for defeaing the creators of the game. In both SFH games, you must fight the creators' bots on the last Challenge level. Again, the Challenges can be completed on easy, medium and hard. This medal is effectively awarded for finishing the all the Challenges.
  • Maxed - For this award, you must reach level 50 with any soldier. There are many ways to achieve this, although all involve hard work over a lengthy period. This is a very satisfying medal to earn!
  • Hardened - For this medal, you must complete all the game's missions (Challenge & Campaign) on the hard difficulty. This can be tricky, as some levels are fiendishly difficult on this setting.
  • Insanity - Complete all the game's missions (Challenge & Campaign) on insane. This is not for the faint hearted, only the cream of shooter players can complete this achievement. Good luck!
  • Can't see Me - Unlock all possible Camos for any soldier. This is usually accomplished while trying for another medal, as long as the slot machine is played often.
  • Compulsive Gambler - Spend 500K at the Slot Machine. This badge is sometimes earnt while unlocking all the Camos. It is a good meter of how much you waste/gain by using the slots.
  • 'Entrepreneur' - Sell 100K worth of items. This includes all garbage items, Attachments, Weapons etc. This medal is often earnt after buying lots of items to try and then selling them, to clear space in the inventory.
  • Take out the Trash - Defeat 500 GlobeX soldiers. GlobeX are global. This means that you have to do your bit by killing lots of 'em! You can earn this badge by playing the later levels of the Campaign multiple times, possibly while trying to pass them on medium/hard.
  • Robot Army - Get 200 Killstreak kills using the Engineer. This is achieved by having your Drones and Turrets kill 200 enemies.
  • Anger Management - Get 200 kills during Killstreaks with the Mercenary. Because the Mercenary's Killstreaks focus on doing extra damage, this shouldn't be too hard. "C'mon! Try and survive!"
  • Going Streaking - Support your team with the General's killstreaks 75 times. You win this medal by using any/some/all of the General's Killstreaks 75 times. "It's now or 75 times..."
  • Snipa-X-Killa - Be like Jyn, and get 200 headshot kills with the Snipa'. "BOOM, HEADSHOTKILL!"
  • Iron Man - Take 100,000 damage with the Juggernaut. This accumalates over time, and mostly involves getting shot. Again. And again. "Ahh, that sweet smell of Napalm..."
  • Samurai - Kill 200 enemies with a Melee Weapon. My only tip for this is just to keep hitting 'em!
  • Close Call - Collect 50 Health Packs when under 25% health. This is a tricky one, as health regenerates quite fast. This can be sped up by standing next to a health spawn point, defending the pack until you are below 25%. Be careful not to die though...
  • Never Empty - Similar to Close Call, you must collect 50 Ammo Packs when you have under 25% ammo. Because many Weapons have a large amout of ammo, choose your weapons wisely. Again, a rather hard medal to get.
  • Mordekaiser - Collect 75 Armor Packs when at 0 Armor. A little easier than the above 2, it can be achieved in a similar way to Close Call. It is, however, easier because armor doesn't regenerate. This means that you can let your enemy destroy your Armor and then pick up a pack, without risk of being killed.
  • Vegetable Guy - This medal unlocks the "Sky9 Mod" secret game mode. Because this is a secret unlockable, the method of gaining the badge and the game mode description is given here.
  • Game Breaker - As with Vegetable Guy, the method and game mode description is given here.
  • Party Time - Again,gaining the Party Time medal unlocks a secret Mod. Information on that can be found here.

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