The M60 Machine Gun. Note its low accuracy.

The Machine Gun is a weapon type playable only with the mercenary class. It is highlighted by its extremely high rate of fire but incredibly low accuracy. Still though, this weapon type is a force to be reckoned with if you know how to use it.

Machine Gun StrengthsEdit

The machine gun's most recognizable trait is its huge rate of fire. With the Minigun, the rps can exceed 13, and the damage is still usually higher than SMG's. The AUG is a high damage, single fire machine gun that plays differently than the others, but is still an effective variation. Many machine guns also have ammo belts, meaning they don't constantly have to reload.

Machine Gun WeaknessesEdit

The machine gun's accuracy is... well... not so good,it is less than 40% for some guns. This makes it very hard to hit enemies at long or even medium range with these weapons. Most machine-guns have decent enough accuracy to be effective at medium range, however. DO NOT try to engage a Sniper or even an Engineer at long range, you will lose.

Recommended Use With Edit

A balanced pistol. Because the machine gun has such low damage-per-shot and range, you probably want a pistol like the Automag that has good range and damage for extra attack power.

Melee weapons can also work if you have a more accurate machine-gun, as they can be a great point-blank back-up.

Recommended use AgainstEdit

If you have a less accurate, more CQC-oriented machine gun like the Minigun or IAR, you should be wary of shotgun-toting Juggernauts and Generals. If your Machine gun is a more balanced variation, such as the Cerberus or LSW, than you should be able to put them down, provided you stay out of range.

Machine Gun ListEdit


MK 48







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