The MK 14 Enhanced Battle Sniper Rifle is a primary weapon for the Sniper.


MK 14

MK 14 Sniper Rifle

A rapid fire, accurate sniper rifle, it can dispatch enemies quickly. Though it has a small clip size, it can be countered with Ext. Mags.

The MK 14 is actually one of the most deadly and dangerous sniper rifles when used correctly. With good damage, high accuracy, a rate of fire that competes with the G11, and very long range, it's no wonder that you will have a very hard time if the enemy team has a sniper equipped with this epic killing machine.

There are several things to remember when using the MK 14. First order of business, always use Extended Mags when you have them. The ammunition capacity is very low, and you definitely want to round that out. Even then, you should be very careful with your ammo. You will run out faster than you think, so check your ammo supply frequently and refill when needed. One method that is quite effective is simply to reload after every kill. Any ammo left in your mag goes back to you main supply, so you aren't losing any. The second thing to note is that accuracy will diminish quite a bit if you fire rapidly, even though that rate of fire is the reason that this weapon is deadly in the first place.

Remember, the true power of this weapon is its ability to achieve multiple headshots in a short period of time. So, remember to refill ammo frequently, aim for the head, pack a good secondary, and with a little practice, you can become a really effective (and deadly) sniper.

Practical InformationEdit

Recommended use with: Extended Mags, as mentioned above. A good secondary weapon.

Recommended use against: Everything.

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