The default weapon of the engineer, this weapon appears to be the replacement for the SFH 1's M4, which is also the default weapon of medic in SFH 1.


The M4A4 is a relatively well-balanced assault rifle, but its stats are more orientated toward rate of fire than, say, the XM8. This high rate of fire allows a good quality version to quickly mow down any enemies within close range. While still a formidable weapon at longer ranges, a more accurate assault rifle, such as the ARX 160, will prove more effective, unless you are lucky enough to receive an M4 with extended range. However the gameplay of a user of an M4A4 enjoys much more dynamic gameplay than say, a G36.

The M4A4 is a reliable, hard-hitting assault rifle, with high damage per second, but it's inability to perform at long range restricts it to a medium range weapon.

Practical InformationEdit

Best used with: The M4A4 isn't that great at long ranges, so bring along a secondary with good accuracy and/or range. A Kriss Kard is a good choice, but if your version of the M4 has good (<72%) accuracy, a Desert Eagle will also suffice. If you primary happens to have better range (due to extended range) either a throwing knife, or a melee weapon is appropriate

Best used against: The M4A4 will mow down most enemies at close range. However, be aware that most classes have some weapons that are effective at close range too. So, try to stay out of range of your opponent's weapons, and you should be fine.

Trivia Edit

  • It is used by Scientist in the Campaign with a HAMR scope as his primary weapon.
  • Based on the M4A4 featured in CS:GO.
  • The M4A4 appears to lack a rear sight; meaning the player has to aim down the front sight near the barrel, which in reality would be impractical.

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