M32 Grenade Launcher

The Milkor MGL (Also known as the M32) is a primary weapon for the Mercenary and the Juggernaut.

Practical InformationEdit

The M32 is fast, has high ammo for a grenade launcher, and bounces, making it great for fighting on slopes.

This weapon has a distance drop, so it's good for attacking enemies over ledges, where the grenade will continue to roll for a few feet until it hits someone.

While the DPS is a lot lower than most shotguns, mark our words, the M32 is probably the most effective crowd-control weapon in the game. With a big clip, bouncing rounds (don't worry about accuracy too much), good damage, and a fire rate that lets you spam grenades everywhere, you can obliterate groups of enemies in mere seconds. With elemental rounds, you are a truly unparalled street-sweeper of doom and despair.

Just keep in mind that it isn't good for really long range, so pack a Kriss Kard, Beretta Px4, or P99 with you for long-range engagements.

Hint: Don't use it at really close range. The splash damage can kill you.


Levels to use with: Mansion and Factory, use this grenade launcher to shoot down stairs and slopes, and over ledges.

Recommended use against: Any enemies. Low health enemies can be taken out with one or two shots, and higher level will always die if you empty your clip on them. Go trigger happy. If you happen to be near a cluster of enemies, near, say, a flag point, just point vaugely at them, hold the trigger, and enjoy the show.

Recommended use with: Take a long-range weapon as a secondary. The Beretta Px4 and Kriss Kard are good suggestions. By long range, focus on a secondary with good damage, high accuracy (<80%), and good range. You will only need to pull out your secondary when enemies are at the edge of the screen or when you want to whittle down your opponent's health before closing in with your trusty M32.

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