The M1911(Model 1911) was the third most powerful pistols in SFH1, while the 1st and the 2nd being the Desert Eagle and the P99. In SFH2, it is less powerful, but is still formidable. However, the inaccuracy at long range is disappointing, considering its exceptional range. This gives the weapon the habit of missing at vital moments, but this problem is lessened by the good fire rate. This gun becomes extremely powerful if used with the General's Full Auto skill. This Skill makes all semi-auto weapons fully automatic, all but eliminating the problem of missed shots. Still, the weapon is not recommended for accurate sniping, although it will reach the target without difficulty. The gun has a worryingly small clip when the damage dealt is taken into account, so watch your ammo, and don't forget to reload between firefights!

Practical InformationEdit

Recommended use with: If you are in a death-defying mood, equip this Pistol with a Sniper Rifle. The combo is guaranteed to give you a few narrow escapes, unless you only use the Pistol at close range. Otherwise, the weapon is most effective when used with Dual Wield Magnums.

Recommended use against: Again, if used with Full Auto, the gun will massacre most other Generals and Engineers, as long as you reload regularly.

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