LSW (2)

LSW Machine Gun

The LSW Machine Gun is a primary weapon for the Mercenary class, and is the weapon that Dex uses in the campaign levels. (Except in the mission Gene Therapy, where he uses the Commando.)

Practical informationEdit

Second highest damage for a machine gun, and second lowest ROF for a machine gun.

It has relatively low ammo, and also uses clips, so be careful of how fast you shoot off your bullets.

The range and accuracy is relatively good for machine guns.


Recommended to use against: Low range slow enemies. This gun has high range and accuracy, so use it to your advantage.

Recommended tactics: Attack enemies such as Juggernauts, Generals, and other Mercenaries at a distance. Attack Engineers and Sniper using hit-and-duck tactic, wait for them to fire, try to dodge, then fire a few bullets.

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