Katana (2)

The Katana Melee

The Katana is, in many ways, a very powerful melee weapon. It deals a large amount of damage (can be a one-hit kill), while still being accurate, like all melee weapons. However, it is important to aim in exactly the right direction, especially if you are on a slope, as the Katana can be ineffective in this situation(well, it CAN be effective if you swing it the right way in this situation). A great way to get easy kills is to use the Sniper's invisible killstreak to creep up on enemies, before giving them a good, firm whack (Getting killed by an enemy Sniper with an Invisible killstreak is hard if you can spot him, and if you have good enough eyesight, and if you are a general or juggernaut, then you can shotgun them in the face, and get them OWNED). Great fun. One of the best parts of the Katana is its ability to deflect bullets. If swung at the right time, you can bat away most projectiles. This also means that the shots are now "on your side", and it is possible to kill enemies with these deflected bullets. Due to the game engine consider the shots of elemental weapons as projectiles (with an 100% chance of inflicting acid, shock, ice and fire, depending on the weapon) it is possible to deflect them and even hit Juggernauts with them. Even though you will probably get hit with a status effect too, due to the high RPS(Rounds Per Second) of the elemental guns. Grenades and rockets can also be deflected and the rockets of the Stinger and the Javelin will fly back to whoever fired them(A Taste Of Their Own Medicine, LOL). Since the rockets of the RPG fly faster than all other rockets, these are a little harder to deflect.

For some weird reason, the Katana is put in the Pistol category which might be a glitch.

Practical InformationEdit

Recommended use with: Any weapon. It is a fantastic sidearm, which could be used as a primary. However, make sure you don't try to kill someone who is running away, as they can turn around and shoot you (you don't want to get shotgunned in the face by some Juggernaut or General with a Judgement shotgun).

Recommended use against: Enemies at close range, as with any melee weapon. It can bat away any bullets, acid, fire, nitrogen, throwing knives, missiles, and can even block and deflect Shock Rods. Its weakness, however, is Assault Rifles and fast or fully automatic weapons, as these can fire in between deflection swings (the Katana can only swing and return to the shoulder before swinging again at a certain speed, unless you hack).


1) Use it with a static exoskel, it will give you a one-hit-kill against snipers and most generals and greatly increases damage (by up to 30 points(WOW!!!))

2) Try using the katana with the general in combination with his full auto skill, to keep swinging it constantly at full auto and be a deflective powerhouse!!! That is, if you aim it properly and the shots sync up with your katana swings.

3)It is a good Idea to use the overkill skill, that way, when you kill an enemy, you add a lot of power to your next swing.

4. Raze 2 players may find this katana difficult to use.

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