KSG Shotgun

The KSG (Kel-Tec ShotGun) is a shotgun primary for the General and Juggernaut.

This gun has the highest dps (damage per second) among all the shotguns, and possibly all the guns.

Practical informationEdit

The KSG has a decent range, but lower accuracy than the SPAS 12. This can be used to your advantage, as it is unlikely that you will miss your target if you aim in the general direction of your enemy.

The KSG has a high rate of fire and a fast reload, but is semi-automatic. The higher than average damage, however, makes up for its lower firing rate than an automatic. You can usually kill a same-level Juggernaut in three shots.


Recommended use with: This gun is equally suitable for both the General and Juggernaut. A long range secondary would be useful. Using Fast Hands speeds the reload process and puts you back into the action faster, or if you prefer heavy damage, use the Full Auto skill. If you are using this with the Juggernaut, use Immovable Object, as with any shotgun. Make sure to reload often, this gun's fast fire rate consumes ammo very quickly.

Recommended use against: This gun is good against any class, depending on how you are playing. Use cover to your best advantage and never engage distant enemies. 

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