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Judgement (2)

Judgment Shotgun

The Judgement is a primary for the Juggernaut and General. It is a remake of the Tank's weapon in Strike Force Heroes 1, and a reference to the Terminator's shotgun from the movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Practical InformationEdit

This is the second strongest gun in the game, aside from the RPG, although a Refined or Flawless version of this gun can usually exceed it. This Shotgun has the best range and damage of the shotguns, but its fire rate barely surpasses single shot rocket launchers. Because it is so powerful, and the range is so good, it allows you to instantly kill anything at it's level except Juggernauts (even then headshots will do them in). Because of this, it is an excellent weapon for the General, as it gives you the ability to kill your opponent before they can even damage you. But it should not be used against multiple enemies, as its RoF is not enough to get a second shot in without taking a lot of damage.

Out of all the shotguns, this has the best accuracy, highest damage, and the most OHKO potential. A Long Barrel attachment will let you "snipe" enemies, and the Hair Trigger compensates for the low rate of fire. Also, the Loudener can make you a true nightmare of CQC (Close-Quarters-Combat) and can increase your One Hit Kill chances.

Recommended UseEdit

Sidearms, Attatchments, and Skills: As far as sidearms go, there are two choices. You may want a long range handgun such as the Beretta Px4 to get long range kills, or you could make up for the low ammo capacity and RoF with something like the MP9, or Glock 18. Attachment wise, use a Long Barrel to extend your reach or a Hair Trigger to to quicken the pump-action. For the Skills, you can use Immovable Object for the Juggernaut or Fast Hands/Full Auto for the General.

Tactics: As a general rule, this wepon is best against lone enemies. You can still take on a group, but remember that ammo an RoF is really bad. This gun will kill medium health enemies with one shot. Other Juggernauts will take multiple hits, and you will have to get close enough to them for their weapons to work. Only go after a Sniper when you can get close behind an object, otherwise they will take you out before you can get close enough to shoot them

Trivia Edit

  • It is used by Tower, the Juggernaut in Campaign with Heartbeat Sensor Sniper attached.
  • The gun itself is a reference to the Terminator series

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