Javelin Rocket Launcher

Javelin Rocket Launcher

The FMG-148 Javelin (Or Javelin for short) is a Strong Homing Rocket Launcher, and a primary weapon for the Mercenary class.

Practical InformationEdit

The Javelin has low accuracy, but do to the very good homing capability of the gun, this is not much of a problem. The exception is if the rocket hits the ceiling or floor before locking on to its target. (its that inaccurate). Unfortunately, the gun is not very powerful, so it won't kill with one shot, but RoF isn't bad, and this allows quick followup shots. Its other disadvantage is that the rocket travels very slowly.

This gun has some of the lowest ammo, at 4 rockets when you have 100% ammo, so watch your levels.

Medium-high range, so you can shoot off-screen enemies as well.


Recommended to use with: Fast, strong secondary. This gun is very powerful, but you are vulnerable while reloading. Throwing Knife is a good option.

Recommended levels to use on: This gun is very good for the last campaign level, as you can stand at the edges and just fire off. It is good when you are alone and there are not too many enemies, as you don't want to get caught when your ammo supply is empty.

Use a Heartbeat sensor just to be sure where you know where your enemy's are!

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