'Broken' Indicated by a cracked circle and red colour around the equipment/weapons stats. It can cause: 


- Accuracy

Broken Heartbeat Sensor

A Broken heartbeat sensor.

- Fire Rate

- Damage to Armor or Flesh

- Clip Size

- Range

- Damage

- Critical Damage

- Critical Chance

 Weapon will Jam Randomly

+ Ammo Consumption

This seriously hinders weapon or equipment performance, so choosing this isn't a choice you should make. Waiting for a better quality version, which will be much better


Rusted Indicated by a cracked circle and brownish color around equipment stats. It works exactly like the Broken version, but causes 1 or 2 problems with the equipment/weapon.

Funnily enough, when you spin 3 poops in slot machine it can give you rusted GARBAGE.

Empty Bottle

A Rusted Empty Bottle.


Normal Indicated by an intact white circle and grayish border around equipment/weapon stats. It does nothing to all weapons except for Magnums, to which it increases the magnum's critical chance by 10%. But with MP412's it increases it by 15%.


A Normal G36C.


Refined Barrett in Slot Machine

A Refined Barrett in the Slot Machine.

Refined Indicated by a little green star and teal around the weapon stats. It's can cause:

- Recoil

+ Fire Rate 

+ Accuracy

+Damage to Armor and Flesh (the weapon will get a Piercing or Shredding tag respectively)

+ Clip Size

+ Range

+ Damage

+ Critical Damage or Chance

- Ammo Consumption

Possible Glitch Edit

Refined items sometimes appear to have elemental/special factors to them.


 To the right: A refined piercing knife.


Flawless is indicated by a big blue star and blue around the weapon stats. It can cause the 2 or more of the Refined factors.

3 9s in the Slot Machine - Flawless Jackhammer

A Flawless Jackhammer in the Slot Machine.


Perfect  Indicated by a yellow sun icon and yellow around the equipment's/weapon's stats. It's will cause one or more of the Refined factors, along with another elemental or special factor. These are all of the possible Perfect factors:

EMP - Nitrogen - Shredding - Incendiary - Concussive - Piercing - Corrosive - Razor Sharp


The Cerberus in Perfect version and Electric Elemental.

EMP: Gets a small chance of reducing the target's damage.


A Nitrogen G11.

Nitrogen: Gets a small chance of reducing the target's fire rate.

Shredding barrett

A Shredding Barrett.

Shredding: Improves damage against enemies that have no armor left.


An Incendiary Jackhammer.

Incendiary: Gets a small chance to set the target on fire.

P90 Splash Damage

A Concussive P90.

Concussive: Causes rounds fired to deal splash damage to enemies near the end of the bullet's trajectory.

Piercing Dragunov

A Piercing Dragunov.

Piercing: Improves damage against enemies that still have armor left.

EX 41 Grenade Launcher

Corrosive rounds EX 41

Corrosive: Gets a small chance to cover the target in acid.


A Razor Sharp (Shredding) Wrench.

Razor Sharp: Improves damage against all enemies. Only available for melee weapons.

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