The CheyTac Intervention is a bolt action sniper rifle featured in Strike Force Heroes 2
Intervention Sniper Rifle

Intervention Sniper Rifle

. It has the highest damage among the sniper rifles and is tied with the DSR1 for the best accuracy of any weapons in the game (except for melee), but has the lowest rate of fire to counterbalance this, which emphasizes the importance of one shot kills when using this weapon.

As previously stated, the damage dealt is excellent, although if you miss the head of an enemy it can sometimes take two shots to kill them, which by that time you may be dead. A good secondary weapon can sometimes counteract this, but do be careful to use the excellent accuracy to line up on the head properly. Of course, this isn't possible if you are suddenly ambushed.

The magazine is not very large, but is superior to that of the DSR1. The Intervention has capacity of 5 rounds, the second lowest of the sniper rifles (tied with L118A), making follow-up shots and taking out multiple opponents more difficult.

Be sure to pick up ammunition often, as not only is the magazine small, the maximum ammunition is low as well. Unlike other sniper rifles which have 3 default magazines, the Intervention by default only has 2 mags.

Despite it's bad sides, it is the strongest of any sniper rifle, and also one of the most powerful weapons in the game (right behind the Judgement, R870, and SPAS 12, 3 shotguns, and the RPG), and if you one shot a Globe-X soldier, then you might yell: BOOM, HEADSHOT!

Practical InformationEdit

Recommended use with: This weapon is advised to be used with Overkill as that maximizes the weapon's high damage and increases the One Shot Kill capabilities. If you do not favour the Katana, then another powerful secondary weapon is recommended, such as the Automag, the Desert Eagle, or the MP9 with Piercing capabilities for finishing off enemies if the Intervention fails to kill in one shot at close range.

Recommended use against: Effective against all of the other classes due to it's high damage and accuracy. It is not to be used against groups of enemies due to it's low rate of fire and small magazine.

Trivia Edit

It is used by Jyn, the Sniper in Campaign.

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