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Glock 18


The Glock is one of the many secondary weapons available to all soldiers. It is a fully automatic pistol, firing at around 8 rps. Because of this, it is important to reload frequently, to avoid running out of ammo. 

Practical InformationEdit

The Glock has a range of about 20 ft, which is close to half the length of the screen, and is accurate enough to be reasonably effective at that range. It has a very fast RoF, around 8 RPS, and decent magazine size, at 20 rounds, however due to its fast fire rate it runs out of ammo quickly. It is very similar to the MP9, the difference being a slightly higher damage and RoF, and lower magazine size.

Recommended use with: Weapons with good range and accuracy are recommended. For close range classes like the General and Tank, you might as well get a different pistol, since the Glock is only effective at close range, and those two classes already have close-range primaries.

Tactics:  This is of course a pistol, so it is not generally a good idea to attack full health enemies, but weakened targets won't last long against it at close range. There are pretty much three reasons to pull this gun: You are out of ammo; your enemy is mostly dead already; or you are moving to fast to aim properly and you want to weaken your enemy a little.

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