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Globex soldiers

These are the standard GlobeX soldiers in 'Strike force heroes 1' The top left is a GlobeX medic, the top right is a assassin, the bottom left is a Commando , and the bottom right is a tank. For more info please see Strike Force Heroes Wiki

The GlobeX Soldiers are the main enemies in both Strike Force Heroes 1 and Strike Force Heroes 2. They belong to the GlobeX PMC, and are lead by the GlobeX Leader. In the first game, Alpha Squad first finds out about them from recovering a video with a mysterious character (implied to be the GlobeX Leader) saying that they needed to destroy the research facility and that they could not allow the toxin to spread off the island. The GlobeX then launched an assault on the facility, requiring Alpha Squad to stop them, as well as unsuccessfully trying to launch a nuclear missile. In Strike Force Heroes 2, they were found to actually be clones of the Heroes themselves. Even the GlobeX Leader himself was a clone. The heroes, eventually, found the GlobeX clones of THEMSELVES, and had to defeat them. In the end, the GlobeX Leader revealed that he had built a giant mech and attempted to destroy the city and the rest of the world with the nukes stored inside. When the clone of the GlobeX Leader was defeated, it showed a cutscene that the Scientist was also a GlobeX clone and that the war against GlobeX was far from over.

​Strike Force Heroes 2 - AppearanceEdit

  •  Engineer: Night Vision (with goggles down and red lenses) and Mark IV Kevlar, with GlobeX camo.
  •  Mercenary: GlobeX Gas Mask and Bravery (plus a black tattoo on the arm) with GlobeX camo.
  •  General: Shepard (with red eyes and black hair) and Safety First, with GlobeX camo.
  •  Sniper: Peekaboo (a closed version) and High Endurance, with GlobeX camo.
  •  Juggernaut: Neck Protection (a closed version) and Come At Me, with GlobeX camo.