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This is for the playable General. Click to view West, your teammate.

About the GeneralEdit

For a start, he makes the law! He is similar to the Medic from the first Strike Force Heroes as they are both support oriented soldiers.


Character Selection QuotesEdit

"Consider it done."

"Two guns are better than one."

Killstreak QuotesEdit

"Protect Yourselves!" -Regen Boost

"Aim down the sights, we've got this!" -Aim Boost

"Target their weak points!" -Crit Boost

"This is it men. It's now or never. Give them hell!" -Morale Boost

Passive SkillsEdit

Fast Hands: Master the art of weaponry with lightning fast reloads. Reload Magnums and Shotguns 3x faster. (Unlocked at level 2)

Full Auto: With custom triggers, all weapons become fully automatic and have an increase in Fire Rate. +5% Fire Rate, All weapons are Full-Auto. (Unlocked at level 6)

Transfusion: Killing an enemy within 5 feet transfers some of his life to you. Heal for 25% when killing enemies in very close range. (Unlocked at level 10)

Gun Play: Swap your guns after every kill to keep a steady stream of bullets, forever. Killing an enemy instantly reloads your other gun. (Unlocked at level 14)


Regen Boost (3 kills): Give all allies Rapid Health Regeneration for 8 seconds. (Unlocked at level 4)

Aim Boost (3 kills): Give all allies 2x accuracy for 8 seconds. (Unlocked at level 8)

Critical Boost (4 kills): Give all allies +50% Critical chance for 8 seconds. (Unlocked at level 16)

Morale Boost (5 kills): Give allies half the bonuses from Regen, Critical, and Aim Boost for 8 seconds. (Unlocked at level 20)

Primary WeaponsEdit










Dual Wield MagnumsEdit





No Name's

Taurus 44's

Raging Bull's

Raging Judge's

Secondary WeaponsEdit

Kriss Kard Pistol

PP2000 Pistol

Desert Eagle Pistol

Five Seven Pistol

Beretta PX4 Pistol

Automag Pistol

USP Pistol

M1911 Pistol

P99 Pistol

Raffica Pistol

Glock 18 Pistol

FMG9 Pistol

MP9 Pistol

Throwing Knife Pistol

Wrench Melee

First Blood Melee

Katana Melee

Shock Rod Melee

Primary AttachmentsEdit


Hair Trigger



Long Barrel

Heartbeat Sensor

Dual Wield MagnumEdit


Kevlar Vest
  • Kevlar Vest Armor
  • Superalloy Vest Armor
  • Magnetic Shield Armor
  • Aerogel Case Armor
  • Static Exoskel Armor
  • Oobleck Armor
  • Military Jacket Armor

Superalloy Vest

Military Jacket

Magnetic Shield

Aerogel Case

Static Exoskel

Oobleck Armor

Camos and AppearanceEdit


  • Shepard - Probably a tribute to Commander Shepard of Modern Warfare 2, this is just a beret. Has the gold triangular crest of the other hats. (Unlocked at level 1)
  • In the Navy - A peaked cap, named because of its similarity to a naval officer's hat. It has gold trimmings. (Unlocked at level 5)
  • Johnson - Probaby a tribute  to Halo, it is almost identical to the hat worn by Sergeant Johnson, of the Raze Task Force. {Taken from Raze 1, another game by Sky9}. (Unlocked at level 13)
  • Sheriff - A wide brimmed sun hat, with a gold badge on the front. Similar to the cowboy hat worn by Sheriffs in the Wild West. Comes with a free pair of sunglasses. (Unlocked at level 21)


  • High Authority -  This body has no visible armor, just a belt with a pouch. Apparently this is to show his uniform underneath, and therefore his authority. (Pre-unlocked) 
  • Great Dictator - A grey waistcoat, knee pads, an armband, and a lovely gold medal make up this body. An outfit that would look good on any great dictator. (Unlocked at level 9)
  • Safety First - A chest plate, elbow pads and knee pads make sure that you remain safe while issuing orders. Unfortunately, this body doesn't give any armor bonus, nor do any others. (Unlocked at level 17)


  • Hot Rod
  • Polka Dot
  • Sting
  • Vitamin-C
  • Glitch in the system
  • GlobeX
  • Digital
  • Tundra
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Blood Stained
  • Hot Lava
  • Urban
  • Patriotic
  • Deep Blue
  • Frozen Lake
  • Oceanic
  • Bandages
  • Jungle
  • Desert Storm
  • Army Drab


Character selection quotes:

"Two guns are better than one" - A little parodic quote on the Boys Like Girls song "Two is better than one". West states that weilding two Magnums are far better than using only one, and it sure is!

"Consider it done!" - West says this because he always knows that he'll get the job done with a Magnum or a Shotgun.

Killstreak quotes:

"Protect yourselves!" - when activating the Regen Boost killstreak.

"Aim down the sights, we got this!" - when activating the Aim Boost killstreak.

"Target their weakpoints!" - when activating the Critical Boost killstreak.

"This is it men, It's now, or never! Give them hell!" - This is heard when activating the Morale Boost killstreak. It does raise our morales if someone tells us to go all out.

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