• Wielding a G36C with cut-off supressor and Katana
  • Ultimate G36C


Single Fire

Highest damage, medium clip, lowest(but still high) ROF


Well, this the strongest but slowest SMG. Nonetheless, it is still fast, but on a laptop you will have trouble with this, and anywhere, it WILL most likely murder your finger. And the General couldn't use SMGs, so this weapon can REALLY be good, if you ignore the fact that it can give you carpal tunnel. Anyways, it can be a big threat to enemies is used well, cause the range is also good.

It should be noted that this is the ONE viable SMG on a sniper, as it would be superior to a G11 if it had the vision and headshot bonuses as it.


Reccomended with: 

Reccomended against:  Anyone, the damage and range means that the more hp, the harder. But juggernauts will be outranged, and snipers will be outgunned

Ideal Attachments: Anything. despite it's versatility, there is always something this gun could use, which is anything. Extra mag can help with ammo issues, while red dot makes it even more accurate

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