G11 (2)

G11 Sniper Rifle

The G11's main attribute is its fully automatic fire mode, allowing the user to spray down enemies without too much regard for precision. The magazine is also quite large, and coupled with the medium rate of fire, a user can obtain several kills without needing to reload. Unfortunately, the G11 has the lowest damage of all the sniper rifles, and the lethality per shot tends to be only moderate in an overall sense (although shots to the head will do significantly more damage, due to the greater than normal multiplier). Accuracy and range values are decent, and will generally suffice in most situations. The G11 is excellent for those seeking a more forgiving sniper with greater close quarter functionality, but its maximum potential tends to be more limited compared to higher damage weapons.

Practical InformationEdit

Recommended use with: The G11 is excellent for finishing off injured enemies, as its hit probability is increased compared to the other sniper rifles, and the damage will usually allow it to kill in a few hits. Thanks to its large magazine and automatic fire, the G11 can also prove useful for taking out numerous enemies at long ranges, where their weapon accuracy or range will not allow them to inflict maximum damage per second. The G11 has relatively average performance at middle range, and plays like a slower firing assault rifle with greater vision, more headshot damage, slightly more normal damage, and a larger magazine.

Recommended use against: Although better than most sniper rifles at the task, the G11 (and the Sniper in general) is still not particularly well suited for close range. Its automatic fire allows it to effectively protect its user at close range, and can go toe to toe with an Engineer, a machine gun-armed Mercenary, or occasionally even a magnum armed General, but dueling it out with a shotgun toting Juggernaut or General is almost sure to end badly. Against other snipers, the G11 is generally inferior at all but close range, but if an enemy sniper misses with a bolt action, or you survive, the required rechamber will give you some time to mow him down quickly before he does any more damage.

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, the G11 is a prototype assault rifle with a medium RoF in full auto, and extremely fast in burst.
  • The G11 magazine is actually located above the barrel, whereas it is shown in the game as using a magazine behind the handle. The game also shows it as larger than it should be.
  • In the game, this is very effective for sustained fire; in real life, it would quickly overheat due to its use on caseless ammunition.
  • As with all sniper rifles in the game, G11's scope may sometimes glitch out and not show up on your soldier's preview in the Soldiers menu. See this article for more information.

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